Since time immemorial, man has been able to capture that powerful resource that nature gave him; the earth.

Thanks to its benefits, the civilizations of yesteryear discovered in the Volcanic Thermal Mud, rich in minerals and charged with the energy of the sun; its powers to relieve ailments, heal wounds, cure diseases, replenish energies, enhance its beauty and even prolong its years.

Today, Spatagonia Fango Verde Volcánico gives us the possibility of having this resource at home, within reach of our needs. Whether to use it for skin problems, muscle or joint ailments or simply feel our skin rejuvenated and healthy.

Spatagonia Volcanic Green Mud possesses trace elements and minerals such as silicon, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, ferric oxide, sulfur, aluminum and zinc, which provide essential active ingredients for the body, which are lost over time .

Our products, ideal for all skin types and ages, are 100% natural.


We invite you to try it.

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